V3next.com Cloud Virtual Environments Services

V3next is a 2015 partnership of experienced IT Service Companies with tens of years` history in Hosted offers. This 3d time (for most of us), we are sure that it is done right with the next level of confidence and extremely streamlined experience. During service planning, only time-proven principles were used, with all legacy stuff left behind.

V3next mission is to provide Virtual Server appliances (Virtual Private Server (VPS), Virtual Dedicated Server (VPS)) and relates services, with single point of order for value to nearline/enterprise offers. We call our product Virtual Environment (VE) as a consolidation term for any product from entry level container-based VPSes, through hardware-emulated services (Hyper-V and KVM), to physical dedicated equipment.

Our services also include supporting tools such as included monitoring, data protection/retention services (backups, replication, etc.), everything needed to build reliable web farms for any budget.

We also offer Managed Hosting services with administrative staff with 10+ years of experience guaranteed, for technologies of both Linux and Windows (including Corporate Licensing helps with SPLA, SA, and License Mobility options).

Our Core Network location is Frankfurt, Germany. Services are offered worldwide.

V3next does not offer any free-of-charge or public services.

Pay-as-you-go & Billing Safety

V3next Billing is extremely simple for maximum customer comfort and trustworthiness. All services are prepaid and charged daily at the night. You should keep your account balance positive at any level your like. Service stops when balance reaches zero. No debt is possible for regular contracts. Cancellation is as simple as no more payments.

Money-Back Guarantee

There are also small setup fees for services (less than €1) to guard against mass abusive service deployments, and a simple reservation rule that must be fulfilled - one-month prepayment should be present on the balance to create the Service Item.

We cooperate closely with PayPal Buyer Protection practices to keep your commitment safe. You can always request for service cancellation with return of amount that was not billed for any service. You can contact Customer Care at any time to issue a refund. Please note that PayPal refunds or disputes are possible within 180 days from initial payment. Returning payments after this date can be problematic. Please avoid large prepayments if you feel any doubt you will need the V3next service.

We also offer 10 days 100% money-back guarantee, guided by PayPal best practices, to guard you from any messy experience.

V3next is not subject to EU VAT accounting and does not offer EU VAT Invoices. Simple free-form sales receipt is sent automatically for every balance top-up.

Clean Network Policy Declaration


We have strict Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) that disallows any activities inside our network that may disturb normal operation of conforming projects and servers. We have zero spam tolerance.

In case of reasonable abuse report, we urgently proceed with Service Item subject to report termination. We do not offer any Buyer Protection or Money-back Guarantee for such events detected in the very start of the service usage.

Good-standing customers with service history are treated gracefully in cooperation manner. Customer which are in advance aware of possibility of possible uncontrolled abuse actions (resellers, enterprises, etc.) can enroll Enterprise Agreement with no additional cost, but with respect to €200 minimum prepayment. Formal verification of authority applies. Please contact sales@v3next.com to enroll.

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