Email Server

V3next VPS is a good place to install your personal Email server. We keep our address space clean, good reputation, and guarantee it free from any DNSBL blacklists. If you are having any problems with V3next IP address, please create a ticket and we will help you to solve it.

DNS PTR Records

PTR records are DNS records that establish IP to name conversion. They are required for any mail server to operate properly. We offer PTR records free of charge. Please create support ticket to create/update PTR record for your IP.

Port 25 Relay Rules

By default, outbound TCP port 25 is closed inside your VPSes. This helps to keep our IP address space clean. Please create support ticket to open port 25 if you need mailserver to operate inside your VPS. It is free of charge.

Newsletters, Bulk Email, etc.

Any bulk email sending is forbidden by our "Acceptable Use Policy". We do NOT allow such activities. You can operate NORMAL MAIL SERVER ONLY.

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