VPN or Proxy Server

V3next VPS can be run as a VPN/Proxy server. This can be used to gain privacy, encrypt local traffic, get Worldwide IP address, avoid undesired traffic filtering, and many more.


Please be warned that we do not allow VPN/Proxy servers to be installed that will do illegal things. Check "AUP" link for allowed and disallowed scenarios. For example, you are mostly allowed to use our VPS as a private proxy server that is serving some limited people (you, your family, your local organization site, etc.). It is disallowed to create public proxy servers.

VPN / Proxy HowTo

It is rather hard to advice on how to implement Proxy server because there are great amount of ways to do it.

The good thing is that Generic V3next VPS servers support any time of proxy installations, given that MAC address of the traffic correspond to the MAC address of the server.

You may start with Google to search for appropriate howto manual on topic you need. Most of them will work as expected at V3next VPS servers. Please however be prepared that your VPS server may lose Internet connection if you do something wrong. Thus we advise to start it on a fresh server that is configured only for the purpose in subject.

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