Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)

Windows Virtual Servers have built-in Remote Desktop capability. It means that you connect from your computer to the server and after the connection established, you see the desktop of the server, exactly as if it was the computer under your table. It is done via "Remote Desktop Connection" application in any modern Windows machine, or via "RDP Client" software, speaking in general.

Windows Remote Desktop

Any modern OS has RDP client, including Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS, and all Linux flavors. Most of the time, it is best to use Microsoft RDP Client software, which is free and works best.

Remote Desktop (RDP) Licensing

By default, every Windows accepts two concurrent Remote Desktop connections, which can be used for server administration only. Strictly speaking, it is not allowed my Microsoft to use this connection for a day-to-day remote desktop experience, although no specific restrictions exist because it is impossible to distinguish between these scenarios. So, it may be counted as if it is allowed two concurrent users to be logged on into Remote Windows Desktop.

If you need more than two concurrent connections, or if you want to clearly state that you are using Remote Desktop as a platform for day-to-day workflow, if you run Microsoft Office applications inside or so on, you must purchase RDP CAL Licenses, that correspond to the number of unique users that are granted access. These licenses correspond to the number of users, not simultaneous connections.

Example 1: Default Unlicensed RDP

Number of Users on the serverUnlimited
Number of simultaneous RDP connections2
Microsoft Office softwarenot allowed
Other interactive softwaregray area (but mostly, everybody uses it)

Example 2: RDP is Licensed Separately

Number of Users on the serverCorrespond to number of Licenses purchased
Number of simultaneous RDP connectionsany (all)
Microsoft Office softwareallowed
Other interactive softwareallowed

How to Purchase Remote Desktop Licenses

Licenses are purchased in the pack of 5 licenses (10, 15, ...). Please contact V3next sales team to request a quote and make an order.

We will need remote access into your Windows Server to install the licenses.

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