VPS Data Protection

All V3next Virtual Instances are reliable enough for regular usage without any additional considerations. However, at some point you may realize that data loss must not happen and you must have a recovery plan.

There are several considerations that may help here.

V3next Backup-protected Instances

Some V3next instances marked as Data resiliency: Backup, are automatically reserved at some points, typically weekly. It is to guard against hardware disasters such as SSD failure. V3next backup will not help you in case data was damaged by some other factors, such as malware, or hacker intrusion, or incorrect deletion by the personnel, or anything like that, local to your VPS. That's why "Backup yourself" rule is still important even for protected instances.

Customers Own Backups

This is usually the most efficient way to guarantee data protection. We have special "S"-type instances, stand for Storage, that are priced to allow large amounts of archived data to be saved efficiently. The other important point is that this storage is somehow separated from SSD "worker" instances, to avoid loss of the two things at once.

Both Linux and Windows basic administration skills will allow you to setup good backup. For Windows we may advice to give a try for the internal Windows Backup feature. For Linux, some as simple as rsync-based backup may work just fine for you. But if you have database inside your VPS, you will need to pay special attention to it to create sort of internal "dumps" first, because database files cannot be safely copied via external utility (but "dumps" can).

To make clear what is what:


Managed Hosting Backups and Replication

If you want to keep some of your settings or files really safe, please contact V3next Managed Hosting department at admin@v3next.com, we will help you for an additional fee.

This may include two possible measures.

Continuous Data Replication

We replicate your data to another Datacenter with as low as 1-minute latency. This is done on storage level, so your VPS will not have any preretirement to allow this. Passive replication is relatively cheap (data retention only). Active replication with ability to start replicated instance may expect to cost something like +100% to your primary server costs, as we will need to reserve equivalent hardware power on replication target site.

Business Date Retention/Archiving

We offer Microsoft Data Protection Manager 2012 R2 solution to establish custom backup, synchronization and snapshotting rules according to your business logic requirements. Pricing differs based on exact scenario implemented, from really low to really high costs overhead.

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