Acceptable Use Policy

    1. No spam, bulk email, newsletters, etc. Spamvertized websites are forbidden.
    2. No TOR, VPN, Socks proxy exit nodes (limited private use allowed).
    3. No network scans of any type. No SSH/RDP/SIP/... brute force, no SQL injections scans, no Website vulnerabilities scans.
    4. No CPU mining on general purpose Virtual Environments (check Computation Node offer for mining, pricing differs).
  2. In some details
    1. Virtual Environment cannot be used for mining, auto-surfing, auto-clicking and any mass bot-based software like that, and any usage that violates the terms of 3d parties' websites and/or agreements. We also do not allow 100% computation nodes due to hardware nodes performance misbalance caused by such activity. These VPS (Virtual Servers) are automatically detected and run with low CPU and HDD access priority that can lead to inadequate performance, or get blocked without notice.
      Please contact V3next support for comments on pure CPU computation nodes terms and pricing.
    2. SPAM is forbidden in any form, both sending messages of any type using our mail server or just hosting site targeted at spam outbreak. We are sorry to confirm that spam outbreaks resulting from your resource compromising by hackers are also subject to website suspension. It does not matter how exactly your website is related to spam activity.
    3. We do not allow Phishing, Credit Card-stealing, Payment System-credentials stealing, Scam, and further open list of well-known fraudulent activities in both paid and test mode contracts. WE REVOKE our Money-back and Refund Guarantees for contracts that are clearly dedicated to such activity and apply 50 € fee per contract, per event, before refund amount calculations.
    4. It is forbidden to place information that sole purpose is abuse to some person, organization, country, race, law, or any other subject. We will take active position on any abuse report and act according to our sole discretion to enforce proper rights and uses.
    5. V3next can terminate contract without prior notice if we feel that service is used for technical, legal, ethical abuse of any type to third party Internet users, or otherwise in conflict with Terms of Service and/or Acceptable Use Policy. We do it as soon as we confirm this policy violation.
    6. V3next can suspend or terminate contract without prior notice if we are sure that contract technical or network activity disturbs other clients and degrades overall service performance. Virtual Hosting is by design cooperative equipment usage, so we all should respect each other to run servers fine. V3next does it's best to minimize these colocation issues but cannot guarantee against it.
  3. Shared Liability Contracts
    1. Good-standing customers with service history are treated gracefully in cooperation manner. Customer which are in advance aware of possibility of possible uncontrolled abuse actions (resellers, enterprises, etc) can enroll Enterprise Agreement with no additional cost, but with respect to €200 minimum prepayment. Formal verification of authority applies. Please contact to enroll.
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